Selecting the proper eyeglass lenses depends mainly on its function. Our staff is happy to help find what suits your lifestyle and visual needs.


We carry a wide variety of materials and lens options to fit your frames and visual needs.

Trivex/Polycarbonate – Lightweight and impact resistant lenses. Perfect for anyone; required for
minors. Has built-in UV and scratch protection. 

Hi-index – Thinner and lighter lenses for high prescriptions. Has built-in UV protection.

Anti-reflective – Sharpens vision by reducing glare from light.

Anti-blue light – Reduces potentially harmful blue light emitted from high energy devices.

Progressives – Corrects for distance, intermediate, and near vision without bifocal lines.

Polarization – Protects against harmful UV while reducing glare in sunglasses.

Photochromic – Lenses darken outdoors and clear up indoors. Offers UV protection.

The Zeiss name has been carried for over 170 years. Our patients appreciate the quality lenses and precision optics that Zeiss provides. All Zeiss lenses offer UV protection. Zeiss has introduced a new generation of blue light blocking lenses to help address today’s technology and media use. Zeiss BlueGuard provides excellent lens clarity as well as blocking of up to 40% of the potentially harmful and irritating blue light which is known to be linked to digital eye strain. Zeiss BlueGuard is suitable for all ages. Ever had difficulty adapting to progressive lenses in the past? Try Zeiss SmartLife progressive lenses. These progressives offer all-day comfort for today’s busy lives. The more a progressive lens takes into account the personal parameters of the wearer, the more comfortable their vision will be.

3 eye glass lenses